Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Parenting Chronicles

The parenting chronicles is a new segment that I am introducing to Memoirs Of A Chronic Chick dedicated to sharing the ups and down, the parenting wins and also the parenting fails. 

You can read as many baby books as possible but in my opinion it doesn't fully prepare you for what comes with having a baby, there are some things you can only learn on the job if you call parenting a job. The books came in handy when I was expecting, but every pregnancy is different & every baby is different so the books are more like guidelines.  If only babies were actually born with their own user manuals or some sort of flashing lights that tells you what is actually wrong with them, but where's the fun in that?!?!?! 

In the 6 and a bit months since Alex was born we have faced a number of challenges and I'm sure that there are many many more to come which I cannot wait for. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Glorious Food - 52WOG - #19

Being able to eat is a basic human right and If I ruled the world there would be no famine but that's just a day dream. And although sometimes money is tight for us I try to donate to the food bank when they are collecting at the supermarket. It's not usually a lot but a little can help those in need. 
As a family we don't always make the best choices when it comes to food, we will go for the easy option in terms of prep and cooking time which isn't all that good for our health or waistlines.  I've come to realise that if you eat in moderation the things that you enjoy, instead of pigging out on a giant family sizes bar of chocolate, instead swapping it for a smaller bar isn't too bad.

Alex is now in the process of weaning and to try and prevent him from being a fussy eater we are hoping, well I am hoping to be more adventurous when it comes to trying new things, although there are some foods I will never try like olives and oysters awwwwww. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

5 Things I Like About Me - 52WOG #18

As someone who has spent the majority of their life not feeling that they were useless and not worthy of anything, Trying to find something that I like about myself and that I wanted to share was a bit of a challenge to come up with 1 thing let alone 5.  But I did it and here are the 5 things I like about me. 

1.  I'm organised. To the point where it can be bordering on the obsessive. I have lists of lists of lists. I love nothing better than writing them.  As well as the calendar on my iPhone I have a paper diary and several calendars in the house all for writing down special dates and appointments.  My organising doesn't stop with the day to day running on my home, it goes over to other areas of my life.  I have to have books stored in size order.   

2.  A little bit daft. Some might say that this isn't necessarily a good thing but yeah I'm a bit daft and have been caught on occasion by Mr O and my parents singing in silly voices or having a little boogie at inappropriate times aka in the supermarket. 

3.  My sense of humour.  Laughter really is the best medicine and having a good old giggle is fab.  I am slightly ashamed to say that I have been known to laugh at the strangest things that some might not find funny at all.  

4.  I'm loyal.  When it comes to my friends and family I am extremely loyal, I will do anything for them, but if someone does something that hurts me or someone else I care for my loyalty is gone. 

5.  I'm emotional.  This can be seen as a source of weakness but to me showing emotion is a sign of strength.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  

What are 5 Things you like about you? 

Mwah XX

Saturday, May 07, 2016

In Good Health.....HA!!!! #17

Trying to find something about my health that makes me grateful is a joke. I've been living with the chronic illness fibromyalgia for the past six years and although my particular case isn't as bad as other spoonies. On some days I feel like I have the worst symptoms of all. The pain can be so severe that I cry cradling the munchkin when he is needing comfort or being feed. 

I guess In a way I am grateful for the NHS as without them many people I know and care for would be without healthcare and the treatment they need to beat illnesses. I do wish however that we were able to afford private healthcare as I would like to think they would maybe give me better medication and take a greater interest in my condition rather than say losing weight would improve the pain I've been experiencing in my hands and giving me a bog standard pain killer that does nothing. 

I was recently hauled up with the flu and with my fibromyalgia It seems to have amplified the symptoms. I got so cold that it took hours to get worth and it felt like I was being stabbed by a thousand needles. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Love EVERY Body Revisited - Introduction

A couple of years ago the lovely and talent Leah of Just Me Leah created a series called Love EVERY Body.  
Where a group of bloggers would write about their bodies and how we have grown to love them. I was one of said bloggers. Each month I wrote a post about the designated body part from the neck up to the legs, from the butt to the breasts. If you are interested in reading what I had to say you can find the posts HERE I began to feel better about my misshapen body because of Leah's workshop and no longer despised myself, I felt more comfortable and confident within my own skin.  

Now as many of you may know I had a baby last November. Through my pregnancy and post baby body my feelings have changed. So much so that I was considering revisited the posts and writing them again but for myself. Because during my pregnancy I was starting to revert back to the way I felt before taking part in LEB. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror without hating the person that looked back at me. It got so bad that I even had to delete pictures from the blog that had been part of the original workshops, I questioned everything from how I looked and my abilities to do pretty much anything (thats a different story though). I started a pregnancy blog but eventually deleted it and was close to deleting this one as well as I had lost the passion I no longer read other blogs and couldn't put my mind into writing.  

Even though I was growing a human being inside me, my old hangups were starting to creep back in. All my lumps and bumps, although not my baby bump were making me self conscious and not loving who I was. Last week I decided enough was enough and that I didn't want to hate myself I wanted to learn to love me again. I want to teach my son that no matter what size or shape you are its ok to love yourself.  

My plan for this 'revisited' series is to go through each of the previous posts and say what has changed if anything and discuss how I intend to get the confidence back that I was slowly building.

Here is a list of the assignments that were created by Leah. 
  1. Dear Body 
  2. Neck Up
  3. Arms, shoulders & Hands
  4. Boobs/Chest
  5. Stomach/waist
  6. Bum
  7. Legs & Feet
  8. Skin  
I hope that any of the other bloggers who took part in the workshops might join me on this retrospective journey. I have asked Leah if it was ok for me to rejig her original imagery which she kindly said yes to, she's a good lass is Leah :). 
If you are interested in taking part the first post will be Dear Body Revisited on 27th of May with all other posts following on a monthly basis on or around the last Friday of each month. If you weren't part of the original workshop but are interested in taking part then please join us the more the merrier. Email me your blog link and I will include it in future posts as well as send you the a list of the upcoming posts. Also tweet me using @mrsnicogston using #LoveEVERYBodyRevisited and I will retweet your posts. 
Feel free to use one of the images (sorry I don't know how to make it into html code).  

I look forward to rediscovering my confidence and love for my body with you all :)

Mwah XX

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Favourite Holiday 52WOG #16

Narrowing down my favourite holiday isn't as easy as you'd think. When I was a kid I went on a few family holidays which were normally camping of some sort, at the time I didn't enjoy them but looking back on them they were actually quite good I got to see different parts of Scotland and that isn't a bad thing.

When I got older I went on a couple of holidays abroad with friends all of them have special memories for me.

But the most memorable holiday was one I took in 2010 with David to Dominican Republic. It was our first foreign holiday as a couple. The resort we stayed in was lovely our room was right next to the swimming pool and was very close to the beach, which I am ashamed to say we never took full advantage of because we enjoyed be close to the pool and the air conditioned room.

We took a trip into the local town and although there was lots of evidence of how poor some of the people from Dominican the town was beautiful as was the whole island from what we could see on our way landing and taking off in the plane.

What makes this holiday so special over the others wasn't the beautiful location, the amazing staff or lovely weather it was the fact that this was where David and I got engaged. I don't want to talk to much about the proposal or other parts of the trip as these a memories that aren't just special to me but are also special to David therefore are private.

What is your favourite holiday?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Technology 52WOG #15

Technology technology TECHNOLOGY!!!  Hmmm what can I say???

The weeks post has me stumped, there has been so many advancements in technology from the development in medicine that helps people recover from so many illnesses.  To the items that I would normal instantly associate with the term technology my phone that I spoke about recently.  And so many more advances that we probably wouldn't even think about. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Educating Nicola - 52 WOG - Week 14

When I look back at my time in school its not filled with warm fussy memories that people make out that time in a persons life should be.  School was definitely not the best time in your life.  Honestly I hated it I felt like I didn't belong, I guess it didn't help that I moved schools twice, one in primary then again in High School. 
Although I wasn't the most academic pupil I appreciate the fact that I was able to go and learn to read and write.  I don't think the school system really knew what to do with me in terms of my visual impairment I would sit at the front of the classroom so I could read what the teachers would write on the board, even though I would still struggle to read what was written. 

When it came to exam time they enlarged the exam papers for me which should like it was helping, but instead of increasing the print and keeping the paper A4 they ended up blowing up the papers to A3 which was really embarrassing because the test paper was bigger than the desk in the assembly hall.  Everyone around me would stare and I literally hoped that the ground would swallow me whole. 

Even though my experience at high school wasn't that positive, I still continued into higher education.  Similar to my high school grades I barely scrapped by but I did manage to get a BA Degree in Communication Studies.  I hindsight I should have went for a more specialised subject like Marketing or PR but hey ho nothing can really be done about that now.  

What was your school experience like??